This Autumn has seen several filming projects in the Park. Over the course of a year a wide variety of companies use the site, drawn by the spectacular landscape or sometimes just the convenience. TV6 brought in a team of Roman re-enactors for a docu-drama about the Battle of Milvian Bridge, set in 312 AD this was a decisive moment in Constantine’s reign. A small group with the help of CGI became a whole army. The programme will be shown on the National Geographic channel early next year.

Roman soldiers

 Channel 4 have just completed some filming but the programme details are top-secret at the moment. However to make up for the mystery, and for those who are fans of Strictly Come Dancing , the wonderful Anne Widdecombe was on Butser last winter filming for a series about religion which took her all the way from the South Downs highest point to the Holy Land. 

Anne Widdecombe filming on Butser