Now that the first frosts have arrived everyone wants firewood. The ranger team are all chainsaw trained and have a tractor mounted  splitter to make the work easier.  Logs are produced by the bag or pick-up load providing necessary additional income derived from routine tasks  such as cutting back for fencing work, or clearing wind-blown trees. 

 Those familiar with the southbound A3  as it passes through the Park will have noticed a large clearance of Beech trees along the highway edge. These were removed at the request of the Highways Agency due to their height and proximity to the road edge. This wood has now been seasoned for 1 year and is ready for burning. As well as seasoned Beech green Ash burns very well and large quantities of both are used. 

QE Apprentice using chainsaw

Logging provides a safe opportunity for the Park’s new Rangers to practice their chainsaw skills. We have one on the National Apprentice Scheme which lasts for 12 to 15 months, and one on a years placement as part of a foundation degree. Both are signed up with  Sparsholt College who cover the formal training.