On the evening of the 5th January it will be time to take down the Christmas cards and to pack away the decorations for another year. Of the 2,000 trees sold during December some will make their way back to the Park to be recycled, their nutrients returned to the soil to help future growth. A bay is located in the main car park for this purpose.

This year the delivery of trees, all sustainably grown in the UK, was upset by the snow.  Some 500 were either stuck in the plantations or on the road network unable to be delivered in time. The shortage meant that some people were unable to source the most popular Nordmann’s Fir, and will have tried a traditional Norway Spruce or even a Lodgepole Pine for the first time. All three are great trees which suit different situations and all have their supporters. 

In addition 1,000 seedling trees were given out free of charge, so customers could plant their own for the future. In 8 to 10 years time, with care they should be ready.