Wood chipper action

Wood chipper in action

The cold weather has increased the amount of wood chip being used by the biomass boiler with a trailer load of  8 cubic metres lasting about two weeks. The last bulk chipping took place in July with 60 tonnes of Beech wood going in to the storage barn. 

This time 30 tonnes of seasoned Spruce and Larch was used, enough to take us through to the spring. Contractors from Hindhead, Redwood Tree Services, were brought in for the morning which is all the time it takes.  The power unit is a Valtra 120 tractor which has a 160hp engine providing 145hp at the pto.  The chipper is a Heizohack which will produce  just the right chip sample (see earlier blog… ‘Biomass’). With this set up one operator can load the 3 metre tree lengths, two or three at once, and at the same time direct the stream of chip in to the barn. The whole lot can then be put in to the transport mode before heading back up the A3 at 40kmh.