The Park’s ewe flock has now left the Butser Hill Top and has moved to a quieter part of the site. The reason for this is that the rams have done their job and the ewes  now need somewhere  away from the busy public areas where they can rest whilst the new embryos ‘set’.

At the end of February or the beginning of March the ewes are all scanned using ultrasound. This allows the single, twin and multiple pregnancies to be identified and managed separately.  The ewes will soon start to be fed organic barley and the individual rations will be determined by this information.

This is the quiet time of the year for the shepherd as long as thing go to plan. Any trauma at this time of year can result in aborted lambs. The ewes are particularly sensitive to dogs, those belonging to our visitors as well as the shepherd’s, and any form of handling is avoided.

2010 lambs

2010 lambs

The lambs from last year have either been kept as future breeding stock or continue to go to market. As organic stock they should fetch a premium. Whole or half lambs are avaliable on request from the visitor centre shop. Pre-booking is required. The two lamb flocks are currently grazing Rake Field to the north of Butser and the Landfill site above Buriton.