On Thursday the 27th January, the Government launched a twelve week consultation  on proposals for a new approach to ownership and management of the Public Forest Estate in England.

‘The Government remains committed to shifting the balance of power from ‘Big Government’ to ‘Big Society’ and for forestry this means securing greater public involvement. The proposals set out in the consultation will do this and create a far greater role for civic society, businesses and individuals’.

A series of regional stakeholder events and Public Information Sessions are being held during this period. These are an opportunity for the public to hear details about the consultation, to discus the issues with other stakeholders and then feedback.

The PIS events will be held between 10.00am-16.00pm hrs near the main visitor cafes at Alice Holt Forest Park, Bedgebury Pinetum and Wendover on Sunday the 13th March 2011. There will also be a PIS event at Firestone Copse car park on the Isle of Wight on Tuesday the 15th March 2011. There is no need to book if you would like to attend one of these events.     

The web-site for further information is www.forestry.gov.uk/england-pfeconsultation.

QECP is currently mapped on the consultation document as a ‘Small Commercial Woodland’, Harting to the east as ‘Heritage Woodland’ and Alice Holt Forest Park as ‘Mulit-Use Woodland’!