Rave-Sunday morning

Rave-Sunday morning

At 1.20am on Sunday the 13th March the police became aware of a rave in the area of the Country Park. At 8.30 am the rangers were confronted with the reality of this situation. A heavy metal gate on the eastern side of the forest had been disc cut allowing access for the hire vans and transits brought in by the event organisers. These were then followed by many other smaller vehicles bringing in the ravers. By the time the image was taken there remained about 120 individuals with some 40 vehicles.

The party had taken over one of our group bbq sites, breaking the hearth and ruining the grassy area that goes with the site. We have two weeks to get the area back to normal before the first booking of the season.

Police attendance was welcome on site and despite the decision not to close down the event it did ensure that the trouble was contained, and that the staff could start the process of tidying up. In the end two rangers helped by four of our volunteers spent 6 hours cleaning up.With no provision for litter collection and no toilets, the mess can easily be imagined.     

A police traffic unit was called in to ensure that those individuals driving home were safe to do so. One individual was arrested at the scene for possession of a controlled substance.

The Park received many complaints from visitors upset about the mess or the loud music, and the event eventually came to a close around the middle of the day. The police and Park will be following up all possible leads to ensure that this nightmare experience is not repeated later in the season.