Gold fish in the pond

Goldfish in the pond

Today four gold-fish were removed from the visitor centre pond. They had been released there some weeks ago and were caught by one of the QE volunteers who will be giving them a more appropriate home in a garden pond.

Ornamental fish are occasionally released in to the Park’s ponds and this can cause problems for the native wildlife already in residence. Fungal diseases ,which have decimated the frog population in certain parts of the country, are easily transferred from pond to pond in this way. Additionally, the goldfish will grow to a good size in a large pond at which point they will predate the young frogs and newts, and eventually when adult they will reproduce with obvious consequences .

Gold fish in pond

Gold fish in pond

The only fish that now remain in the centre pond are the  stickleback, a small native species that is much harder to spot but can be seen from the bridge, or more easily at our next holiday activity pond dipping session on Tuesday the 31st May (pre-booking required).