August the 31st is BlogDay…why the 31st? Well if written out correctly 3108 should read something like Blog. The day was created as a way of raising awareness of all the many and varied Blogs around the world, or Blogosphere.

The idea is for everyone to recommend 5 new sites and pass them on. So on the day blog readers will find themselves leaping around and discovering new sites and new people.

This blog is about Portsmouth, its extraordinary past, and role in national and international history. Information from this blog is currently featured in an exhibition in the City Museum called ‘No Place Like Pompey’.

All about greenwood working by Mark Allery a craftsman from the West Sussex Hampshire border. Mark attended the QECP based South Downs Wood Fair in July this year along with the Hampshire Coppice Craftsmen group.

The final word in greenwood chair making by Mike Abbott,  craftsman and prolific author. The best place to go for that training course.

 This  ‘Learn From Nature’ blog is run by Henricus Peters an environmental writer looking to explore sustainability, promote an understanding of the world in which we live and appreciate its connections.   

This blog promotes the conservation of the world’s threatened species through the power of wildlife imagery.

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