Scott and Eddie
Scott and Eddie

We have just received a new Ford Ranger back from the Signshop where it has had the relevant logos and design added. The Park has three 4WD vehicles on hire and due to the current difficult times the lease period on all three had been extended by two years. Now they are all being replaced, although two of the three are re-cycled as second-hand from the County’s Rights Of Way Section which has just been reorganised.

These are specialised vehicles designed to cope with the varied demands of a rangers life, and with the challenging terrain across the site. From the chalk and clay on Butser Hill to the 20 plus miles of rough track in the QE Forest. The rangers are trained in ‘Defensive’ and ‘4WD’ driving to ensure that these vehicles can be safely used to their full capability.
Scott and Eddie, the spaniel, are the main users of this vehicle and chose the fungi pattern. Look out for the other Ford Ranger with the fallow deer design.
The third and final vehicle has already been delivered to site by its previous owners and is waiting for a trip to the body shop for some remedial work, removing dents and scratches, and then also a new logo and design.