The first kissing gate

The first kissing gate

  In order to improve the access across Butser Hill 9 stiles have been replaced with kissing gates. This work has been carried out over the last two weeks by a company called Leydene Fencing Ltd. The new gates have two features not often seen. Firstly, there is a row of weld mesh to keep the lambs in, and secondly the main gate is offset so gravity will always keep it closed, with a catch to ensure that only humans can open it.  The main 2 mile circular walking route around the top of the hill can now be walked without coming across any stiles at all. 

New fencing on the NW corner of Butser

 The same company has also completed the replacement of 250 metres of livestock fencing on the north west corner of the Hill.  A difficult job in terms of access and also when it comes to cutting back the vegetation.  Two large piles of cut scrub can be seen in the picture which will be burnt as soon as possible.The new fencing will last at least 25 years!

  Butser Hill is a part of the Queen Elizabeth Country Park. More information is available on the web-site at Leydene Fencing are based just down the road at Blendworth. Further details at


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