Tree planting

Tree planting

   On the 17th March about 70 individuals from the Petersfield, Sheet and Liss Guides and Senior Section, Drummer Explorers and the Petersfield Scouts took part in hedge and tree planting at the Country Park.This was part of the Diamond Jubilee Community Project which will continue through the year with a return to the Park in the Autumn to plant Royal apple trees. 

The main tree being planted on Saturday was a 4 metre Fagus sylvatica ‘Purple  Fountain’.  An upright form of the ‘Beech’ which will maintain an attractive shape reaching 10 metres in height. This was supplied by the nearby Griffins Nurseries, who are considered to be one of the best specimen plant producers in the UK. More information on the nursery can be found at 

  Additionally, about 150 hedging trees were put in close to the entrance of Bottom Field where there are two large Beech trees which were planted for the Queen’s Coronation back in 1953. These stand on either side of the Forest Drive marking the entrance to Queen Elizabeth Forest. To celebrate the occasion both the Coronation trees and the new  Jubilee tree will have plaques in place so that all our visitors will know why they are there.    

On the 4th June there will be a Jubilee Beacon lighting on top of Butser Hill as part of a National chain totalling 2012 in number. Her Majesty will light the first one and the rest will follow. The actual lighting time has yet to be set. Full details will appear in due course on the beacon web-site at    

  There are many badge groups which operate in the area, and use the Park for their outdoor activities.Further details at or