Male Polecat

A large male Polecat has just been found on the A3, where it passes through the Park. The only other specimen that we have seen was a female found last October (see blog 16/10/11). whereas she weighed 858 grammes and was 500mm in length this male was a monster 1678 grammes and 600mm. The nearest sighting of another Polecat in this area was at the Meon Hut further west along the A272.

Widely persecuted in the past Polecats are staging a remarkable recovery, moving south and east from their strongholds in the north of England and Wales. Unfortunately this solitary weasel like animal is predominately nocturnal and often only found, as in this case, as road kill. During the cold weather they develop a long thick Winter coat.

For diet and shelter the humble rabbit provides most of what a Polecat needs and the landscape of Butser Hill has plenty. If you see anything that might look like a Polecat, and they can sometimes be confused with an escaped domestic ferret, then please do report to the Park so that we can monitor this fascinating creatures spread across Hampshire.

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Winter coat