The Giant's Chair

The Giant’s Chair was constructed in the QE Forest in the late 1970s. It was built from 4 large beech trees cut from the surrounding area and was designed as an art project rather than as a play facility. However over the years it has served as both to the many visitors who know where to find it.

The Chair does not feature on any maps or plans, and there are no signs or waymarked trails leading to it. The secret of its appeal over the years has been the element of mystery that surrounds its location. Sadly though it has suffered over time and the timber used in its construction is now rotten and unsafe. Within the next month it will be dismantled to be replaced by a bigger better version.

The Park has commissioned Andy Frost, a Hampshire based designer to come up with a new design for the Giant’s Chair. This will take elements of the original design and will also act as a play facility  and be located in a more accessible spot. Andy made the existing tots play area, which can be found by the visitor centre, and has been involved in outdoor play projects up and down the country.  More details at  

A date has yet to be set for the project to begin but it is hoped that it will be ready for the start of the Summer holidays. The Kyle Bartlett Memorial Fund will be providing some of the funding for the Giant’s Chair and more information about this worthy cause can be found at

On a related matter work will begin very soon on a new addition to the Juniper Adventure Play Trail. There are currently 20 different pieces of play equipment made of timber, chain and cable. Every year we replace at least one item to keep pace with the heavy wear and tear that this facility enjoys.