Club members at work

This weekend saw a visit by the Crossway Carvers, a group of local enthusiasts who have a regular programme of visits to the Park. They also demonstrate at craft fairs and shows across the South.


The group tutor is Peter Hurrell who is also involved in an Austrian Woodcarving School where you can learn woodcarving and sculpting techniques high up in the Alps. Peter can be contacted on 02392 373899. More information about the school can be found on


The group will return to the Park on the 26th/27th May, the 2nd/3rd June and at the South Downs Wood Fair, here at QECP, on the 21st/22nd July.

They use many different types of timber including some sourced from the Park. We are currently selling our own beech, alder, pear and cherry all of which are suitable for carving and turning.

Club member at work


Spalted alder, and yew from the Park shop