On Monday and Tuesday this week visitors to the Park would have been surprised to see Romans in full battle dress acting out scenes from a famous campaign which took place in Germany back in the year 9AD.

A film company, Perfect Storms Television Productions, had set up the shoot with help from a group of Roman re-enactors from Portsmouth called Legio 2 Augusta.

They were making a docudrama about the Battle of Teutoburg Forest which took place in Germany and resulted in three Roman legions, about 15,000 soldiers and camp followers, being completely wiped out by Germanic tribes.

For once the weather was spot on and the hoped for rain and wind did appear. Poor weather was a key factor in the original battle, affecting the sinews from the archer’s bows, making the shields fall apart and bogging down the cavalry. Just in case the sun came out a water bowser and large wind machine were on hand.

The re-enactors brought  with them a large amount of period props and knew just how every item should be used. A  catapult was fired to test penetration and accuracy, and to test the swords and spears a large quantity of water melons were purchased!

Over the year many companies use the Park for filming purposes bringing in useful income and providing part time work for extras.

For more information about the Legio 2 Augusta go to www.legiiavg.org.uk