Over the last fortnight two fledgling Tawny owls have been brought in to the visitor centre after being found in the Forest.

Tawny Owls lay their eggs in March/early April, incubate for 28-30 days and the youngsters fledge after 32-37 days. At this point they can sometimes be found on the forest floor giving the appearance of having been abandoned. In reality the fledgling is sitting out the daylight hours waiting for its parent to bring food (in Tawny owls the females tend to do the incubation and the males the feeding).

As long as the baby is out of harms way and not obviously injured the best place for them is to remain in the forest close to their nest which will be in a hollow tree or squirrel drey. Of the two owls which were brought in, one was returned to the nest area and the other which was underweight went on to a foster home. Both are reported as doing well.

For more information about this our most common owl, and to hear their unusual song go to www.wildowl.co.uk