QECP recently played host to a VIP visitor when Mrs Comfort Appiah, a community leader from Ghana, came to look around the site. Comfort came from Dominase in rural Ghana as a guest of the parish of Buriton which has been linked to this area for some 10 years.

Buriton has in the past raised funds for new water supplies and health and sanitation equipment. Parish Councillor Doug Jones had organised the visit, and he and other villagers, along with East Hants District Council Officers (as volunteers), have been over to Ghana in the past to give assistance.  

Comfort has been a councillor in Ghana for 8 years and hopes that her visit to the UK will help with ideas that she can take back home.

The Park sits in the parish of Buriton and has its own twinning arrangement with Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda.

More information can be found on the Buriton web-site at www.buriton.info/parish_council  and on the QE volunteers site www.qecpvrs.co.uk