The Park's sheep

The Park’s sheep

The Park’s 200 plus ewes and their lambs have now  been moved on to the A3/lower slopes of Butser Hill. The lambs are growing well and the biggest and best will soon be heading for market.


Since the Dog Control Orders were introduced on Butser in April the livestock have had a trouble-free time with no incidents of sheep worrying. 

Additionally the rangers have reported a significant rise in the amount of bagged dog waste deposited in the ‘dual use bins’ located in the top Butser car park. A big well done to all our dog walkers.


Please report any incidents to the Park centre on 02392 595040.


Rother Valley cattle

Rother Valley cattle

The first cattle have arrived in Rake field to the north of the hill. We now have 51 six  month old animals on their first trip away from home. Another 30 larger thirty month old beef cattle will be arriving soon to graze the northern slopes of the hill at Ramsdean Down.

At the end of the Summer holidays they will be moved up on to the Butser Hill Top field.

The cattle are here to graze down all the long coarse grass that has been doing so well in the wet Summer. This if left will quickly dominate the more sensitive downland plants. And at the end of the grazing season a tractor will be used to top some of these areas to complete this process.


The cattle all belong to Rother Valley Organics, a local farming company who have the farm business tenancy on Butser and this includes looking after the Park’s sheep.

Additionally RVO have their own butchery producing organic meat for sale on-line, at farmers markets and in-season from the Park’s shop. For more information go to their web-site