Beccy and Pete

Beccy and Pete

This week a lost racing pigeon put in an appearance at the Park. This is a fairly regular occurrence and where pigeons are found they can usually be reunited with their owners pretty quickly.

All racing pigeons carry a hard plastic ring on their leg which helps with this process. The first few letters indicate the issuing organisation, the next two numbers the year of birth, and the remaining letters and numbers identify the registered owner.  If there is a second ring then this is used for racing purposes only.

Additionally the bird will often have an ink stamp on the inside of the main wing feathers which will carry the owners details.

Only once the bird has been caught can the contact be made.

The ring details can be looked up on a central web-site where a phone number will lead to an approved carrier who will return the bird to its home loft free of charge. 

Lost or injured birds can be dehydrated and hungry. A couple of spoonfuls of Gatorade or similar sports drink will help in a cup of water, and any type of grain is good for food.