September the 22nd was the Autumn Equinox, a time of year when day and night are of equal length. To celebrate this occasion a group of Druids and White Witches held a short ceremony in the Park. This was the first of a number of events that the group will be organising at QECP.


It is difficult in a short blog post to sum up the essentials of being a Druid or White Witch but they do both follow similar paths.


Druidry is a philosopy and a faith, recognising a supreme creator and linking god and nature together. The word druid is derived from the ancient words for ‘oak tree’ and ‘wise’. The link with trees, and the reason for the visit to QE Forest, is that they are most ancient living things, and storehouses of the sun’s energy which record the passage of time through their annual growth rings.

White Witches practice white or earth magic. This involves tapping into natural forces, using positive thinking, ritual and visualisation, for the greater good.

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