DSCF2065Last week over 1,500 Christmas trees arrived at the Park ready for sale from the start of December. Three species are available, all sustainably grown, and sourced from within the UK by the Forestry Commission.

First, the traditional Norway or European spruce, a little prickly and with a great smell but which does not enjoy hot centrally heated houses.  This species is widely grown for its timber and in the 1960s large block was planted in QE Forest close to the Holt Pond.

Second, the Lodgepole pine which originates from North America and is so named because of its use in the construction of Native American tipi. This species is very resistant to needle drop and is great with lights, standing outdoors.


And finally, the most popular of the three the Nordman fir. This species best suits modern living, being needle fast and with a classic Christmas tree shape.

DSCF2063The sales area is open from 10.00am through to 4.30pm daily until all the trees have been sold. The trees are all cut with no rooted or pot grown plants available.

Once the tree has safely arrived home it should be kept outside in water. Just before it is to be taken in doors 1 inch should be cut off the base and the tree should be located away from any heat sources or sunny windows and again kept in water which must be regularly topped up.

Once Christmas is over the tree can be returned to QECP (minus all the decorations) to be recycled.

For more information about tree species and availability contact the shop on 02392 595040.