The Buriton Volunteers have met again, this time to clear the two circular permissive trails that loop through the site. With bow-saw and brush-cutter this task was easily completed. Work has also taken place at the very top of the site across the road from the Halls Hill car park.

Here the team have identified an old pond site which will hopefully be restored before the Spring. Originally an old dew pond made of clay, the bottom was concreted early in the 20th Century when the site was a busy working chalk quarry. Over the years since then the pond dried out and the vegetation took over causing it to completely disappear from the landscape.

Currently three contractors are tendering for the restoration which will involve removing all the soil to expose the concrete and then overlaying a liner or layer of clay to ensure that the new pond will be watertight.

The volunteers and site ranger have been working hard clearing scrub from the old pond site and burning the arisings to allow the contractors access.

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