The Park’s 200 Beulah ewes are currently grazing in Middle Valley which is on the southern slopes alongside the A3. Next week the rams will be removed after 2 months of doing what they do best and the 2013 lambs will be expected in the middle of April.

The ewes will then all be given a quick health check and a dose of wormer before being moved across to Grandfathers Bottom on the western side of the Hill.

A smaller flock of this years lambs are grazing in Target Valley, again on the Southern slopes of Butser Hill. They are being moved in small batches to the Rother Valley butchery before being sold as organic lamb.

Local farming brothers, Shon and Simon Sprackling, currently trading as Rother Valley Organics, run the Farm Business Tenancy on Butser. They manage the Park’s sheep flock and run their own beef cattle on the site. Grazing animals are essential to maintain the 750 acres of the National Nature Reserve in a favourable condition, with the sheep present all year round and the cattle only arriving in July once the majority of the chalk flora have finished flowering.

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