The Park is used by many different organisations for training purposes. Often this simply involves using the classroom or theatre to deliver such diverse subjects as gilding or first aid.
This week a number of Hampshire County Council Rights of Way rangers have been learing about pole saws which are effectively chainsaws with long handles.These will used to cut back the County’s many miles of rights of way during the growing season.
For the technically minded the course was titled ‘CS48 Use of Powered Pole Pruners’ and the content involved risk assessments, personal protective equipment, safe working practices and pruning & cutting techniques.

The end result of the course after next Monday’s assessment will be a certificate from the National Proficiency Tests Council. Further details at

The Park is always happy to provide a venue for practical training courses and will often benefit from the targeted use of chain saws, stump grinders and the like.

The training in this instance was provided by Dale Valley Training based in Southampton. More information at