This week the Park’s biomass boiler was topped up with woodchip to be ready for the forecast cold spell.
Installed 6 years ago, and then the first of the County Council’s buildings to use this green technology, the boiler is still going strong.

Each Winter it will consume some 85 tonnes of seasoned wood chip produced from local timber. This will have been seasoned as 3 metre long logs for a year to get the moisture content down below 30%.

Once chipped a further 5% reduction will take place in store and then the optimum level has been reached.

The Park has its own woodbarn which can accommodate the entire heating season’s supply. The trailer and elevator are used every couple of weeks to get the chip from the barn to the boiler hopper.

The boiler is a Froling Turbomatic 85KW model which maintains a 2,000 litre buffer tank at 80 degrees C. It is fully automated feeding itself with woodchip and removing the ash.

The boiler heats the main facilities and provides part of our hot water. If it stops for any reason it will self diagnose producing a digital fault code to help get things going again.

Woodfuel produces significant cost savings compared to oil, gas or LPG and will also reduce carbon emmissions. For more information about woodfuel or the company which installed the equipment go to

This Saturday at 1.30pm there will be a 2 hour talk and tour of the whole set up from tree to radiator. Pre-booking required. Please contact reception on 02392 595040