The Park was very busy today as hundreds of people came to ski, sledge or mountain board on the slopes of Butser Hill. Good numbers also came to walk in the relative peace of Queen Elizabeth Forest.

This time the snow was perfect. even making good snowballs and snowmen. Tomorrow with temperatures around zero and light winds there should be scattered snow showers throughout the day.

The Visitor Centre, shop and cafe will be open from 10.00am (9.00am for the cafe) to 4.30pm, The main car park will be open and depending on the ice the Forest Drive will again be opened as far as the Benhams car park.


The Butser Hill car park will remain closed all day due to treacherous conditions along the lanes that lead uphill from the A3.

For those visiting the Main Centre or heading for the lower slopes of Butser please avoid parking on the north/south bound sliproads. It is very important that these are kept free of vehicles so that the gritters, and if required emergency vehicles can access the Park, and move from one carriageway of the A3 to another.

Today the Police were on hand to ensure that vehicles which parked on the highway were issued with fixed penalty tickets, and those causing a safety problem were towed away.

The snowy weather should continue well in to next week.

Only a few wooden sledges remain for sale in the Park’s shop.