After three very busy days the crowds have now returned to school or work and the slopes of Butser are relatively quiet again. This is probably just as well as the snow is now hard and compacted over most of the hill-top and the A3 slopes.

The Park’s rangers have begun the task of removing all sorts of inventive sledging equipment, from body boards to bakers trays,  old canoes and li-los. Generally the successful items are taken home for next time leaving a colourful pile of kit for the skip.

This year to our knowledge there were no serious accidents, and that is quite unusual. The lost property would fill a small trailer, mostly gloves and hats, mobile phones and wellies. The beagle, a family pet, and 5-year-old child were thankfully collected on the day.

The weather forecast suggests that the snow will last on the tops of the Downs for a few more days and we expect a steady stream of visitors as a result.

This week two large tractors were due to start work topping the rough grassland across the top of the hill, and cutting back scrub on the steeper slopes. Due to the snow cover and all the debris both have now been postponed until next week.

For further information about the weather or for a snow report the visitor centre reception is open every day from 10.00am through until 4.30pm and can be contacted on 02392 595040.