On Saturday night club members from Hants Astro, a growing and very busy astronomy group, descended on the QECP Park Centre for a night of star-gazing.

By the end of the event over 400 visitors had turned up to look through telescopes of all shapes and sizes and to see stars, satellites and even an orbitting space station which passed by every 90 minutes.

Hants Astro have three active observing sites across Hampshire. They welcome new members and run astronomy workshops throughout the year for beginners.

For more details their web-site can be found at www.hantsastro.org

The night had previously been cancelled twice due to miserable weather but on this occasion the sky was clear and visibility excellent.

On Thursday this week Hants Astro members will return to the Park and team up with Caterpillar Crafts to run an afternoon/evening of kids activities.

From 2.00pm through to 5.30pm there will be cosmic crafts, stargazing and a theatre show. Pre-booking required.

For more information and to book go to www.caterpillar-crafts.com