This week several of the QECP and Rights of Way staff took part in a short training session outside the main visitor center. The subject was fire extinguishers and how to use them.

The main building is well stocked with extinguishers containing foam, co2 and water and the aim of the course was to enable the guys to tackle a fire should it be safe to do so and to be able to use the correct equipment.

The site has a comprehensive Safety Policy and a Fire Plan both of which are designed to keep the staff and visitors safe in all scenarios.The two principal fire risks are likely to be BBQs in the Queen Elizabeth Forest and electrical faults in the main facilities.

The staff practiced a fire evacuation two weeks ago and this involved clearing the main facilities and gathering at the assembly point in the coach parking area.
The site shares an Operations Officer with Staunton Country Park and it is his responsibility to produce the relevant policies, book the training and deliver the many and varied documents that are now legal requirements for a busy site such as QECP.

Hopefully all of the above will keep the site a safe and enjoyable place for this years 330,000 visitors,