The cycle volunteers otherwise known as the QECP Collective continue their good work across the site. They have been carrying out maintenance on the new Red Bike Route and are busy planning the up-grade of the old Purple Route.

In addition the group are helping with three cycle events for 2013. A a repeat of last years Night Time Enduro and two new events which will take place in an adjacent forest block.

For more images of the last of their monthly work weekend see the link below;

For those who are up with the latest fads and sensations on the world-wide web, and who can recognise a ‘internet meme’ when they see one the QECP Collective have just performed their own version of the ‘Harlem Shake’. This is effectively a comedy sketch accompanied by a short excerpt from the song of the same name.

The concept originated in Australia at the beginning of February so the Collective are officially only 1 month behind the trend. See the link to the clip and for more information about the group and how to get involved.