Two nights ago a large quantity of fly tipped waste was scattered down the eastern side of Queen Elizabeth Forest.

Although the such incidents are infrequent,  in this case it was the type of material dumped that is causing the problem.  Often this is left in one pile in a gateway or at the entrance to one of the rights of way.

However in this case the first pile, made up largely of asbestos roof sheets, was left in our Chalky Walk entrance, two more large piles were left on the edge of Head Down, where the Park holds some of its special events, and then there were 20 to 30 further smaller piles where a large vehicle had been unloaded as it  drove down the road.

In many cases subsequent vehicles have run over and broken up the large sheets causing a hazard to other users of this quiet country lane.

When fly tipping takes place the Park’s ranger will scour the area to see if they can find any evidence that might help link back to the person responsible. On many occasions this information has been passed on to the Environment Agency, and some times direct contact is made.

Yesterday we were able to  establish that a large asbestos fibre roof was replaced, probably within 10 miles, that most of the fixings were purchased in the north of England and that one of those involved was called Ronnie.

Not a huge amount to go on at this stage but hopefully someone will be able to supply some more information so that this of crime can be dealt with.

Next week a specialist contractor will come out to remove all the waste and the bill will no doubt run in to four figures.

East Hants District Council have a Street Care Team who can advise on what to do with waste of all types. Their weekday number is 0300 300 0013.