At this time of year the Park’s rangers are coming to the end of the routine Winter work tasks such as fencing and scrub control. Additionally the bbq shelters and picnic tables need some tlc in preparation for the first bookings over the Easter holidays. All this activity produces large quantities of waste timber.

The majority of these furnishings are made of softwood that has been treated with preservative. After 20 or so years when the old fence posts are pulled out of the ground this chemical will still influence the way that they can be disposed of.

The Park’s biomass boiler can only burn clean timber and the firewood that we supply to local customers must also be un-treated. As a consequence some 60 cubic metres of waste timber each year has to be containerised and taken away for processing.

First the large pieces of metal, fencing wire, gate hinges and the like are removed, and then the wood is chipped. The chips can then be transported to the nearest power station and be burnt to produce electricity.

The only other option for this type of waste is to bury it as landfill. Either way there is a cost for disposal of about £10 per cubic metre.

The Park re-uses and re-cycles where it can and this includes metal, timber, light bulbs/flourescent tubes, batteries, paper and cardboard. And even the cafe food waste is composted.

If any one has an alternative use for this timber then please get in touch with your ideas. Unfortunately it cannot be burnt in open fires or domestic wood burners.