For the last two weeks of the Spring term and most of the Summer term the Park is really busy with school visits. From an annual  total of just over 10,000 school children and students half receive some form of direct delivered activity. The Education Officer plans the programme, books in the schools and is helped by several Education Assistants and the Ranger team.

 This week the majority of students are studying for their GCSE Geography and are specifically looking to see how the Park manages its visitors and their impact on the site and its infrastructure. Project work will involve measuring erosion on Butser or counting cyclists in the QE Forest.

Two or three coaches arrive each day and the Park’s classroom, theatre and activity area are all used for teaching and refreshments.

For more information, or to book a school visit, the QECP web-site has good information including risk assessments and specimen lesson plans. Go to www.hants.gov.uk/qecp