Butser Hill is a part of the Country Park and is also the highest point on the South Downs at 270 metres. Regular visitors will have noticed the hang-gliders, paragliders and model gliders all of whom are attracted to the special weather conditions created along the scarp slope.

The Sky-Surfing club covers the first 2 of these activities and has just over 140 members. They have permission to fly from three locations on Butser  and share these with the Meon Valley Soaring Association, a similar sized club that flies model gliders.

Formed in 1974 the Sky-Surfing club is based at the Hampshire end of the South Downs and also has flying sites at Chalton, Harting, Whitewool and Mercury.

The club ensures that flying on the hill is tightly controlled with a code of conduct, insurance, and regular meetings with Park staff. Additionally, each year in June both clubs get together with the Park to run the Festival of Flight. This is an event that celebrates all forms of flying from kites to gliders.

New members who are looking to try this challenging and exciting activity are always welcome and can contact committee members at www.skysurfingclub.co.uk


The link below gives an idea of what to expect!