Work continues on the restoration of Holt Pond which is filling with water and nearly complete. The area will now be fenced off to create a wildlife zone where public access can be managed. The bare earth will be sown with wild flower seed harvested from Butser Hill during last Summer.

Pond weed will be brought across from the ‘concrete pond’ on the other side of the A3. This pond was restored some years ago and has large quantities of Water milfoil and Curled-leaved pondweed.

The Holt Pond has a good population of Palmate newts and these need aquatic plants on which to attach their eggs which are individually wrapped one per leaf.



The old rotten concrete slabs will be used to create a hibernaculum or reptile refuge. This will be built in a such a way that will allow the Grass snakes, Adders, Slow worms and Common lizards to hide away from the freezing Winter temperatures. And also being South facing they will be able to warm up quickly when the sun does shine. The blocks will be covered in soil and the grass kept short to aid this process.

Much of this work is carried out by the park’s volunteers who meet every Tuesday morning for practical work sessions across the site. More information can be obtained from the web-site at www,