The scrub cutting and the topping of coarse grass and bramble on Butser Hill all stopped at the end of March in order to give our wildlife peace and quiet for the breeding season.

The restoration of the Holt pond was finished in time for the return of the amphibians, and the practical tasks that so dominate the Winter period have nearly all been completed.

An impressive 2km of fencing has been replaced by the Park’s ranger team with help from contractors ‘Leydene Fencing’. The specification used is treated softwood posts with two strands of barbed wire and livestock netting.

This copes well with the largest beef cattle and the smallest lambs. There is also the added benefit of being able to keep dogs on the right side of the fence line.

This year the National Park have kindly provided grant support to replace 10 stiles with kissing gates. These helps improve access to the far-flung corners of the site whilst keeping the livestock in the intended compartments.

The standard design has been customised for the Park to ensure that the gate self closes and that it remains lamb proof thanks to the addition of weldmesh on the lower sections.

The Park welcomes volunteers who are interested in learning practical tasks such as fencing or gate hanging. For more information contact the visitor centre reception on 02392 595040