The Park has 11 family bbq hearths which can be hired for two-hour sessions through the day from 11.00am.  There are also 4 group bbq sites where groups for up to 120 people can enjoy their own private space for a whole day with a shelter and picnic tables. Additionally the visitor centre shop can provide charcoal, and organic meat and venison to order.

The group bbq sites are used for everything from corporate parties to wedding receptions. These large spaces allow people to bring in marquees, caterers and even entertainment.

For those wishing to do something on a much bigger scale the two largest bbq sites, called Cannonball and Coneyacres, can be joined together with the camping area to create an 8 acre space that will be used for many unusual events during 2013.

These include the South Downs Wood Fair in July and ButserFest, a teenage music festival in September. For more information about these or other events, or to book a bbq site on-line see the Parks web-site on

The Park’s ranger team has been spending time getting the group bbq sites ready for the Summer season. This has involved replacing some of the fencing and repairing picnic tables. In addition the events field needs to be chain harrowed, fertilized and when the grass finally starts growing, to be cut.

There are 4 full-time rangers and a part timer. Each day one will work as the duty ranger, with duties which include opening the Butser gates and toilets, cleaning and getting ready all the bbq sites and then dealing with whatever the days visitors may bring. All are well-trained with subjects as diverse as first aid or issuing fixed penalty tickets.