This Sunday in glorious Summer weather over 5,000 car enthusiasts gathered for the South Hants Vehicle Preservation Society’s annual show.

The events field on the slopes of Butser Hill was filled to capacity as people came to see some 500 classic and vintage machines. These included cars, commercials, motorcycles and military vehicles all polished and looking their best. The oldest was  made in 1903 and the youngest in 1987.

In addition there were over 150 auto-jumble stalls where you could buy, or sell, every thing from a beautifully restored 185cc Suzuki Trials Bike from the 1980s for £3,000, to those all important nuts, bolts and widgets for a few pennies.

For most stall holders the aim is sell more than you buy and to have fun.

A brass band, children’s entertainment and full catering facilities ,including a licensed bar all helped to make for a fantastic day out.

]The South Hants Vehicle Preservation Society is a thriving local club which welcomes new members, with or without a classic or vintage vehicle.

They have a busy events programme including trips abroad, treasure hunts and club runs. For more information go to

The definition of what represents a classic or vintage vehicle is a contentious point and the challenge is to pick future classics that are currently bangers.

Arguably a ‘modern classic’ is any vehicle considered collectible regardless of age. However HM Revenue & Customs define a classic vehicle for company car taxation purposes as being over 15 years old and having a value greater than £15,000