The Park’s own cycling volunteers, the QECP Collective, have just run their first successful event. This was one of a National series of downhill time trails which was run with help from British Cycling and attracted over 100 entrants.

The location for the trial was not in the main country park but an adjacent block of Forestry Commission plantation where  pre-booked events as diverse as archery and motorcycle trials take place.

The aim of a downhill trial is simply for riders to race against the clock along a winding stretch of un-surfaced single track. The time taken is typically about 1 minute with riders making several attempts over the course of a day.

Specialist bikes and safety gear are essential for this type of competition and thanks to good organisation and sensible riding the event passed without incident.

It is about 17 years since the last downhill trial at QECP and this will now become an annual event.

The QECP Collective are to run a second mountain bike event on the 21st July. This will be a Gravity Enduro and will again be run in partnership with British Cycling.

A Gravity Enduro involves longer trail sections, each with 3-6 minutes of cycling and also with an element of climb or descent, typically 100m.

A total of 5 timed sections will be added together to form an aggregate score which will determine the winner in each category. For more information and to book in for the event go to